Red Bull Collection

Table Jig

Once used by Red Bull Technology to accurately manufacture the rear wings of Red Bull Racing & Toro Rosso F1 cars. This jig would have contributed to Sebastian Vettel’s maiden win for Toro Rosso in 2008 at Monza.

The upper surface has been professionally mirror polished & will have a clear or tinted protective lacquer applied prior to delivery. The table legs were once fitted to Vettel’s race winning RB5 & the Championship winning RB6 F1 cars. The legs are made from the un-seen protective crash structures designed to protect the driver in the event of a high speed side impact, and have been secured to the jig via Titanium bolts.

The toughened glass table top (final size can be decided by the purchaser) can be positioned at 2 heights of your choice. The lower height is ideal for a coffee table use, but with the higher setting perfect for a console table or even a working desk. The shape of the jig even allows leg space making desk use even more attractive. Bespoke colour coatings & adjustments can be made before delivery. This table is completely unique and is “one of a kind”.

Included with this purchase is a tour of Red Bull's facilities and a signed certificate describing its life history.

£24,000 inc VAT

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