Sunglasses Collection

Jabrock - Smile Grey

The Smile frame bodes a sleek and defined design with a measured fit suitable for the majority of face types looking for unisex sunglasses. Hand-made wooden sunglasses in a classic shape.

What is Jabroc® Wood?

Jabroc® was initially applied to Formula 1 cars in 1994 for safety reasons. Since then it has been used on all modern day racing cars that rely on downforce in order to control the level of the car on track. Jabroc® wood has half the strength of steel at only 20% of its weight. It is considered to be the carbon fibre of the wood-world.

Hand Crafted / Unique Detail

The behaviour of natural wood means each piece develops its own characteristics in colour and grain, so no two frames are ever the same. All frames are hand-made and finished, piece by piece, so you can be sure your frames are one of a kind.

£198 inc VAT

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