Coat Stand

Wheel, disc & nut features over hardwood shaft

From base to top, this coat stand expands on the story of the most important part of a formula one car: its wheel.

The base is a partly polished magnesium wheel surrounding a mounted carbon brake disc assembly cradled by a polished caliper with brake pads. Moving up the oiled hardwood shaft you find a matching wheel nut supported on a thread detail with the hefty polished titanium wheel gun socket used to support the coat pegs at eye level.

The polished pegs used are special joints from the suspension assembly and the story is completed with the aluminium wheel nut safety plunger used as the top finial.

The new owner will be invited to the Red Bull Racing factory to collect this piece and provided with a tour of our facilities.

Pricing: £7,000 + VAT. If you would like further information please Contact Us

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