Red Bull Collection

At The Very Heart of Formula One Is The Art Of Creating The Perfect Racing Car…

From the outside, Formula One cars are sleek, smooth, aerodynamically refined and very fast. Beneath that shiny exterior, lie mini pieces of engineering ingenuity, each component playing its part in ensuring speed and reliability.

They are small pieces of manufactured art – and Red Bull Racing in conjunction with Formula 1 Art, has decided to evolve these components into very limited edition functional objects.

PART OF THE TEAM is a collection of unique, functional art, hand-crafted from pieces and parts which have run and have raced on Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars.

Each piece of the PART OF THE TEAM Collection will be numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where each part was raced or used by the team. Several also include a tour of the team’s Formula One factory and headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

When you purchase a piece of the PART OF THE TEAM collection you are helping to contribute towards Wings For Life. For each sale a donation will be made to the foundation which is fighting to find a cure for spinal cord injury. You can find more about their work at their website Wings For Life

For more information about any pieces shown on the site, please Contact Us

LED Desk Lamp

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Large Lamp

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Exhaust Table

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Coat Stand

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Spoke Clock

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Exhaust Lamp

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All images provided by: Red Bull Racing / Art Direction – Realise Creative / Photography – Thomas Butler

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