Mobile Device Holder

Carbon fibre F1 brakepad moulded into a functional object

Originally used to slow Red Bull Racing cars on circuits around the world. This carbon fibre F1 brake pad has been creatively upcycled into a unique mobile phone or tablet holder.

Each piece is hand-polished to a marble-like finish with a groove machined out to allow the insertion of your mobile phone or tablet. Included with the holder are 2 strips of foam to allow the user to ensure the fit is snug and the base is fitted with soft feet to protect your surfaces.

Compatible with most mobile phones & tablets. Dimensions are: 15cm long x 7cm wide x 2cm tall with a 1.2cm deep groove.

Comes complete with a storage pouch and Certificate of Authenticity which verifies the Red Bull Racing F1 heritage. Please note. Due to its race-used nature, each item may differ slightly in its final shape & appearance.

Pricing: £125 + VAT. If you would like further information please Contact Us

Brakepad holder Brake pad holder
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